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Supported Hotel Baggage Delivery Service

We will provide baggage delivery service to and from our supported hotel in each stopping town.

Pre-registration is required for each time you would like your baggage delivered to and picked up from the supported hotel. Having a list of participants' supported hotel baggage delivery needs significantly helps us to make sure that all baggage is delivered properly and assists us in logistics planning before our events.

Supported Hotel Baggage Delivery Tags
When both a supported hotel and a main lodging site or ending location are available in a stopping town, each baggage item to be delivered to and/or picked up from the supported hotel must be identified by two separate supported hotel baggage delivery tags so we can easily identify which bags should be delivered to the supported hotel. Your baggage will never be delivered to the supported hotel unless you specifically indicate the need to to do so through the use of the supported hotel baggage delivery tags. The tags will be a different color than the main tour wristband and will not serve any other purpose other than for hotel baggage delivery.

The only exception to this policy is if our ending location is directly at the supported hotel itself. In this case you will not need to attach a hotel baggage delivery tag to your baggage because it will already be delivered there.

We require two separate tags on each piece of baggage in case one comes off in transit and also to make it easier for us to identify which baggage should be delivered to and/or picked up from the supported hotel. The tags should be placed as far apart from each other as possible to minimize the chance that both would come off at the same time. We will supply the supported hotel baggage delivery tags in the registration materials so we can consistently identify the baggage going to the supported hotel.

It will be your responsibility to make sure that every piece of your baggage items has the two required baggage delivery tags on it every day. Though unlikely, if a supported hotel baggage delivery tag can comes off your bag in transit, simply let a staff member know and we will give you a new one.

In the extremely unlikely event that both tags come off we may still be able to identify where your bag should go based on your personal information on your baggage item and our previous experience with your specific baggage item. We may also call you on your cell phone to verify your baggage delivery plans, but if there is any doubt your bag will be delivered to the main lodging site and/or ending location since this is where the majority of participants will have their bags delivered.

Participant Baggage Pick Up
Your baggage will be waiting for you when you arrive at the supported hotel each day. Generally they will be at or near the front desk, otherwise the desk clerk will show you where they are.

Vehicle Loading in the Morning
Your baggage must be packed and ready to be picked up from the supported hotel by the route opening time. This will give you enough time to eat the continental style breakfast provided at all hotels and bike over to the ride starting location if the starting location if necessary.

You will generally leave your baggage at or near the front desk, otherwise the desk clerk will show you where to leave it. If a rolling baggage cart is available, please leave your baggage on it and not just on the floor. This will greatly help our staff quickly load your bags onto our vehicles and help ensure that we deliver them to the next stopping town before you arrive as well as saving wear and tear on our staff.

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