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Mechanical Support Plan

Our mechanic is offering a pre-paid Mechanical Support Plan which includes:

  • All mechanical labor services on the road during the ride, every riding day, including flat tire changing.
  • A pre-ride inspection the day before your first riding day of the event upon request.
  • A free loaner wheel in case of unrepairable wheel damage (subject to availability).
  • A free loaner bicycle if case your bicycle can not be repaired on the road during the ride (subject to availability).
  • A 15% discount on post-ride services and repairs not included in the mechanical support plan, such as bike wash and tune-up services.

The mechanical support plan is a fantastic value and makes a LOT of sense! Considering the minimum fee for any single job is at least $20 (including the complimentary pre-ride inspection) and an on road visit from our mechanic is $50, the mechanical support plan should easily pay for itself. You'd be crazy NOT to purchase it!

  • Click Here for more information about our mechanic's repair and service rates.

You will receive a wristband as part of your registration materials to put on your bike to indicate that it is covered by the Mechanical Support Plan. If your bike does not have this wristband attached, all regular service rates will apply.

The number of days you register for the Mechancial Support Plan must match the number of days you will attend the event. For example you cannot register for only three days of mechanical support if you register for a full, six-day tour.

The base price of the Mechancial Support Plan will be $29.99 for all events which includes two days of service and $15.00 per additional day.

As the event draws closer the prices of the mechanical support plan will prices will significantly increase. After regular registration closes, the prices will increase 60% to $24.00 per day with a two day minimum. The day before the event the prices will double from their regular rates to $30.00 per day with a two day minimum. This pricing schedule is consistent with the pricing schedule of other extra event services such as rental towels, tents, and chairs.

You may purchase the Mechanical Support Plan as an extra, optional service until 11:59 pm CDT the day before the first (or only) riding day of the event.

The Mechanical Support Plan will not be available for purchase on or after the first riding day of the event. If you did not purchase it before then all regular service rates will apply.

Loaner Wheels and Bikes
Use of the loaner wheels and bikes is included in the mechanical support plan until your bike is rideable again. If our mechanic is not able to repair your bike the day it breaks down you will also be able to use the loaner wheel or bike the next riding day as well. However, after two days of included usage you will need to pay to continue to use a loaner wheel or bike.

  • Click Here for more information about loaner wheels and bikes.

Parts and Accessories
No parts or accessories are included as part of the Mechanical Support Plan and must be purchased separately.

Mechanically Unsound Bikes
This policy exists to encourage you to arrive at the start of the event with all of your gear and equipment in great working order and ready to be ridden for the entire event. Our mechanic cannot support bicycles that are inherently mechanically unsound and not physically capable of being ridden in our events. It also exists to encourage you and from becoming overly dependent on, and/or abusing the Mechanical Support Plan services. Our mechanic does not have the resources to accommodate these type of bicycles or equipment and can not support them.

As a result, our mechanic has a "three repairs and you're out" policy and reserves the right to deny you further mechanical repairs services as part of the Mechanical Support Plan for the remainder of an event after being three service calls. After that, we must consider your bike unfit to be safely ridden and you must pay all full repair and service rates.

This policy will be reviewed and applied on a strict individual basis and it his our sincere hope he will never have to enforce it.

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