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Rest Stops

Rest stops are our oases during rides and are highly recommended. You can take a break from the previous ride, and get ready for the next one. Cool off in a shady shelter, drink some ice water, utilize spray guns and hoses, and replenish yourself with snacks and sports drinks all while socializing with your fellow riders! If necessary, you can also do minor adjustments to your bike, charge your personal electronic devices, or seek minor medical attention. Any pertinent information about upcoming ride conditions will also be announced during this time. Rest stops are convenient; however, you are not required to stop.

Before the Ride
A rest stop will be available at the start of every ride where you will have the chance to stock up on snacks and drinks for the upcoming ride.

During the Ride
Rest stops will be set up at pre-designated locations along the route, typically at park type facilities. Bicycle Illinois banners will be hung at every rest stop location and will be easily visible from the road.

All rest stops will have bathrooms stocked with toilet paper and paper towels, running water, and picnic tables or benches to relax on. Extra toilet paper and paper towels will be provided in case the bathrooms run out. Most rest stops, except the final rest stops at the main lodging sites, will have a shelter for shade (or to avoid the rain) and a spray hose for a quick cool off. You will also be able to charge your personal electronic devices where wall outlets are available.

  • Click Here for more information about personal electronic device support.

The average distance between rest stops, and the total number of rest stops throughout the route depends on the overall length of the ride and will also be listed in the ride itineraries for each event.

After the Ride
A rest stop will always be provided at the end in order for our participants to replenish themselves from the previous ride.

Due to the fact that participants will be arriving at the final rest stop sporadically, the rest stop at these locations will be fully stocked but may be lightly manned. If you require assistance at the final rest stop please contact us at (877) TOUR-ILL [868-7455] and it will be promptly attended.

When we have a separate main lodging site (or ending location) and a supported hotel in the next stopping town, the final rest stop will be provided at the main lodging site (or ending location) and not at the supported hotel. In this case, you will first arrive at the main lodging site (or ending location) where you will replenish from the previous, and then continue riding to the supported hotel.

Opening and Closing Times
Unless otherwise indicated, all rest stops will stay open as long as needed. In this case there will not be a set closing time and they will stay open until the last rider arrives or nightfall, whichever comes first.

When a rest stop opening and/or closing time is indicated, services will be guaranteed available during the stated service times. The opening and/or closing times will be shown on both on the cue sheets and also online.

Opening Times
The rest stop opening times are the earliest times that the rest stops will be guaranteed to be open in order to accommodate the planned maximum pace. Occasionaly, rest stops may open earlier than the posted time depending on when the attendant is able to arrive at the location and prepare for riders. When a rest stop opens, the route segment immediately after it will officially be open as well.

In the very, very rare situation where you arrive at the rest stop before the opening time you can call our SAG dispatch who will give you an estimated time of when the rest stop attendant is expected to arrive. In most instances, you will likely only have to wait a few minutes, but you may want to slow down your riding pace so you are not stuck in this situation again.

Closing Times
The rest stop closing times are the absolute latest times possible to depart the rest stop and still be able to maintain the minimum cumulative riding pace while still enjoying a 15 minute break at each rest stop. When a rest stop closes, the route segment immediately preceding it will officially close as well.

  • Click Here for more information about riding paces.

For safety reasons, all riders must depart each rest stop by the posted closing time; there will be no exceptions. If you have not departed a rest stop by its posted closing time, we must assume that you have become too physically exhausted to complete the ride during the alloted time and your pacing pace will not increase as the ride progresses. Since it would be unsafe and irresponsible for us to allow you to continue riding, you and your bike will be transported to the ending location in a SAG vehicle.

If you have not arrived at the rest stop by its posted closing time we will either have you continue riding to the rest stop or make you stop riding and wait where you are at a safe location on the route for us to come pick you up, depending on your location at the rest stop closing time.

  • Click Here for more information about being transported to the ending location.

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