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Supported Hotels

Supported Hotel Selection and Services

Staying in one of our supported hotels is perfect if you would like to sleep in a bed or have more privacy and additional amenities than sleeping indoors or outside before or after a challenging day of riding!

Whenever available, we will always have at least one supported hotel set up in every stopping town. Some events will only have one supported hotel in each stopping town while other events will have multiple supported hotels. We cannot guarantee the availability of any rooms at any supported hotels in any town. Please note that some of our stopping towns may have very limited or no hotels options available at all, particularly very small towns.

For single day and weekend based events we STRONGLY recommend staying at a supported hotel the night before the start of the event when available. Not only will you be able to check in that day, you'll be able to get a much better night's sleep and feel much more rested before the ride since you won't have to drive or ride very far to the starting location in the morning or feel rushed to check in and get ready to ride. You'll also be able to meet many of the participants you'll be riding with the next day.

Supported Hotel Selection and Services
In general, our supported hotels will be national chain hotels that have the best proximity to other facilities and services in each town, safe riding conditions to and from it, value, and also offer a continental breakfast. We will not necessarily choose the least or most expensive hotels in each town, nor the ones closest to the main lodging site. Whenever possible they will be a reasonable cycling distance from the main lodging site and not a long riding distance away, such as 10 or 15 miles. Many of the supported hotels also include a swimming pool, hot tub, and laundry machines on site as well. In order to select our supported hotels, we research and visit all of the hotels in each stopping town in person.

We will only provide support services around the supported hotels in each stopping town. We will not provide any type of service around any hotels other than our supported hotel in each town, such as baggage delivery. Specific information about the supported hotels in each stopping town will be listed under the information about each event when possible such as room rates, room block release dates, distance from the main lodging sites, check in and check out times, amenities, and any other important information.

  • Click Here for important information about baggage transportation if you stay at a lodging location other than the main lodging site or supported hotel
  • Click Here for more information about breakfast at the supported hotels.

Daily Arrival and Departure
If a main lodging site or other stopping location is available in the stopping town, you will initially arrive there from the day's ride. The final rest stop for the day will be set up there and you will need to replenish yourself from the previous ride there since a rest stop will not be set up at any supported hotel when a rest stop at a main lodging site is also available. You will then need to bike directly to the supported hotel from the main lodging site or ending location. You will also start your ride the next day by biking directly from the supported hotel onto the main route for the day.

Reservations and Payments
Unless reservations at our supported hotels are included with registration, you must make and pay for individual reservations at the supported hotels on your own. We will not make individual reservations for you or be responsible for any reservation charge including incidental charges (i.e. phone calls, room service, movies, etc.).

In all cases, we strongly recommend making your reservations at the supported hotel as soon as possible and not waiting until the last minute in case our room blocks fill up and/or rooms are no longer available. In fact there's really nothing to lose by making your reservations early if the supported hotel allows you to cancel your reservation within a couple days of the event if your plans end up changing.

One Supported Hotel
When there is only one supported hotel in a stopping town and we do not have a separate main lodging site or starting location, the supported hotel will be the center of all event services in each town. The center of all activities at the supported hotel will be the front desk.

Room blocks with special negotiated rates will only be available at a supported hotel when we do not have a separate main lodging site in that stopping town. The room block will usually under the group name "Bicycle Illinois" or "Bike Wisconsin" and each room block will have a release date and rooms will be available on a first-come, first served basis. While it may be possible to reserve rooms under the room block reservations after they have been released, we cannot guarantee their availability or rates past that date.

Each room block contains only a limited number of rooms, so if you are organizing a large group of participants we ask that you please reserve only as many rooms as you will use. We also ask that you release rooms back to our block once you find you don't need them so that rooms will be available for all participants as possible.

When a separate main lodging site is available in a stopping town we will not have room blocks available and you will need to call the supported hotel directly your self for the best rate. We strongly recommend making your reservation as soon as possible to avoid any availability issues from other participants or anyone else, secure the lowest rate, and assure yourself a room!

Please be aware of the guaranteed room availability check in times for your hotel and plan your ride arrival time accordingly. Earlier check ins may be possible, but making these arrangements will be up to you and the supported hotel and will not be not arranged or guaranteed by us. When there is only one supported hotel in the stopping town, the guaranteed room availability check in time will be listed under the information about each event and on the in-town maps.

Room Sharing
The biggest benefit to sharing rooms with another participant is half off your hotel room rates!

If rooms are still available at any supported hotel we will not coordinate any room sharing at any supported hotel - you will need to do this on your own with other individual participants. If you are interested in sharing a room at the supported hotel you should first make a reservation for a room yourself and that way you know you will be guaranteed a room.

When you register, you will indicate if you would be willing to share a room at the supported hotel with other participants and after the regular event registration closes we will e-mail out the list of participants who chose to share their contact information which will also include hotel room sharing preferences. You can then contact other individual participants yourself to see if they would be interested in sharing a room with you. If they are, you should be able to easily cancel one of your rooms since most supported hotels allow you to cancel your reservation a couple days (if not less) before the date of your arrival without a penalty.

If a supported hotel does become completely booked up we will help coordinate room sharing to help ensure all participants secure a room there as necessary. If you indicated you DID NOT wish to share your personal contact information with other participants but were willing to share a room, we will contact you first to make sure we have your permission to share your personal information with other participants.

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