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Service Locations and Times

During the Ride

Unfortunately it's impossible to say exactly where our mechanic might be during the ride itself at any specific time, so it's always best to get any mechanical work done right when he is present since you never know where he night be in the future. When he's not directly on the road addressing a level 2 mechanical situation, he will be primarily be stationed at a rest stop location in order to serve the most amount of people passing through. As the ride progresses, he will progressively set up at subsequent rest stop locations, finishing up at the main lodging site.

If you need any mechanical support at all do not hesitate to contact our mechanic at any time. You'll be able to find out exactly where he's at and even if he's far away from you or not stationed at your next upcoming rest stop, it's still extremely helpful for him to know any existing mechanical problems so he knows what to expect and can be best prepared to handle your needs. And who knows - he may still be able to meet up with you somewhere on the road!

If you are having any mechanical issues try to have your repairs completed on the road at the rest stop locations as much as possible during the day instead of in town at night. Not only will this allow you to have your bike fixed as fast as possible and have the most enjoyable ride, it will also mean less work for our mechanic to do in town after the end of the ride and help him avoid very, very long work days as well as the hassle of returning your bike to you later.

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In Town

After the End of the Ride
At the end of the ride each day our mechanic will be set up at the main lodging site to accept bikes for service and be available to sell parts for at least one hour after the official route closing time. All bikes must be turned in to him by this time and he will not accept any more bikes for after then. If you need any mechanical support services performed after the end of the ride, we highly recommend bringing your bike to him as soon as you are done riding.

When you turn in your bike for service in town our mechanic will get your name and cell phone number so he can contact you when your bike work is complete or if he has any questions or any additional work might be necessary. If you just leave your bike without having it properly checked in it will not be worked on.

Once the work on your bike has been completed our mechanic will call you to let you know it is ready to be picked up. You must come and pick up your completed bike before he has completed all his work for the night and is still open for business. Unfortunately it is impossible to know when his work will be complete for the night so we highly recommend calling him to find out.

After our mechanic has completed all his work for the night, he will move all remaining unclaimed bicycles inside our main lodging site and lock them up with one cable for overnight security purposes. The cable will unlocked and the bicycles will be released for pick up when breakfast opens the following morning. Only our mechanic and ride director will have the combination for that cable and individual completed bikes will not be released after they have been locked up. So if you want to make sure you get your bike back that night you will need to make sure to pick it up while our mechanic is still open.

If you want to pick up your bike after hours our mechanic has completed all his work for the night and wait until the next morning to pick it up, we also can individually lock up your bike using an individual cable and combination lock that you provide to us. Both the lock and cable must have your name and cell phone number on it (to prevent locks and cables from getting mixed up so we know the correct combinations), and you must give us the lock's combination when you give it to us. We cannot provide combination locks for anyone because the combination for each lock would become common knowledge over time and defeat the security purposes of the locks. We also cannot accept any keyed lock because we would still have to personally return your key to you, we would need to individually identify each key, and there would be a big risk of keys getting mixed up or lost. If you do not bring a cable or combination lock with you they will be available for purchase from our mechanic.

Mechanical support services will not be available in the morning in town before the route opens. All in town mechanical support services must be completed the night before. This is because our mechanic must be prepared to begin providing mechanical support services directly on the route immediately when it opens.

In addition, our mechanic will not provide floor pumps or chain lube for you, or fill up your tires or lube your chain in the morning. Instead, you are responsible for performing all regular and preventative maintenance on your own, such as bringing your own floor pump and chain lube and pumping up your tires and lubing your chain in the morning. If you did not bring a floor pump or chain lube with you, you may be able to borrow them from another participant, and they will also be avaialable for purchase.

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