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Here is a dictionary of special words, phrases, and abbreviations used on our events. If you hear us using one we did not list here please let us know!

Quick Test: After reading this list you will be able to understand what this phrase means: "The scout followed the breadcrumbs and tagged and bagged the yellow brick road from 2 to 3." Good luck!


Term Definition
"1", "2", "3", and "4" Specific rest stops on a particular riding day
Leapfrog Bypass rest stops and/or sections of the route in a vehicle
Mark Any location where there is something special on the route
Confi A confirmation mark
Main Line The part of the route that doesn't change. All options veer off of the Main Line.
Century Riding 100 miles in one day
A "Buck" 100 miles as in a 124 mile ride is a "buck twenty four"
The Yellow Brick Road The published routes
Reroute Detour necessary to avoid adverse road conditions such as road construction
Autoroute 1. Routes for vehicles to follow
2. Automatic GPS routing
Dan Henry A directional marker painted on the ground
Action Something a cyclist has to do (turn left, bear right, stop, etc.)
Warning Signage indicating an action will be coming up soon
Confirmation Signage indicating that you performed the action correctly
Tag To paint a Dan Henry mark on the ground for signage purposes
Bag To tie an orange ribbon at an action point for signage purposes
Tag & Bag Put full signage over a section of the route
Dead Soldier

Used road marking spray paint can

Scout The designated first support vehicle. The scout will check upcoming road conditions as possible and may need to reroute as necessary due to new road construction. The scout will also "Tag & Bag" his designated section of the route.
Sweep The designated last rider or support vehicle.
T-Bone A T-intersection. Can also be used as a verb as in "Take a right when this road t-bones."
Chip Seal Road surface where gravel is laid on top of tar
Cancer Road construction
Got Stoned Lost time and/or added extra distance due to road construction, especially from freshly laid chip seal or where they chewed up the road with the road eating machine.
Sleeping at the Wheel Getting lost for no other reason than not paying attention
Breadcrumb GPS route points actually taken in person on the route
Bandit A person riding on our routes who is not an official participant
Doubleback Where the route goes forward and backward on the same road or path, especially into and out of rest stops.
Recycle A part of the route ridden twice in the same direction. Used especially on century loops and other options.
SAG Short for "Support and Gear." Emergency vehicle assistance on the road when a participant is unable to continue riding
Cooler A very general term referring to either a "water cooler" or "ice chest." The use of the word "cooler" by itself without being preceded by "water" or "ice" is generally avoided to prevent confusion.
Water Cooler The 5-gallon coolers we serve ice water from at the rest stops. Easily confused with "cooler," "water jug," and "ice chest."
Water Jug The 6-gallon jugs we transport extra water in. Easily confused with "cooler," "water cooler," and "ice chest."
Ice Chest The coolers extra ice is kept in. Easily confused with "cooler," "water cooler," and "water jug"
Gas Up Stopping at a rest stop to replenish yourself with ice water, snacks, and sports drinks
DOA Short for "Dead on Arrival". Bikes that break down on the road and are transported to the bike shop in town on a support vehicle because they are unrideable.
Circle Up Group meeting in the morning immediately preceding the group departure and opening of on-road support services
Registration The process of signing up to participate
Check In Receiving your official participation materials on your first day
Opening Meeting The initial large group meeting held at the start of the event
The Grid Illinois' system of back roads that generally run due north/south and east/west and are spaced exactly one mile apart
700 Club Exclusive club for participants who complete 7 consecutive centuries on all 7 days on Bicycle Illinois and the Tri-State Tour.
Road Pizza

A dead animal in the road.

Triple Point Points where the route does not proceed in only one direction and can become confusing to follow such as at the start/end of options and doublebacks or where the route crosses over itself.
Cluster Baggage with a bunch of separate loose items tied or strapped to it.
Dead Soldier

Used road marking spray paint can

Painted Road Marking Abbreviations

Abbreviation Short For
BI Bicycle Illinois
TST Tri-State Tour
NIR Northern Illinois Ride
BIP Bicycle Illinois Premier
WT Wine Tour
RS Rest Stop
BP Bike Path
SW SideWalk
100 Century Option
T100 Century Option for participants continuing on the Tri-State Tour from Bicycle Illinois
EZ Easier option (i.e. EZ)
H Harder Option
DT DeTour (same as a reroute)
CT Route ConTinuation after rest stop
IN INdiana option

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